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Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials
"Our experience working with VDM has been nothing short of outstanding.
From the initial consultation to building our website to the follow up and continued customer service, there has never been an occasion where our expectations weren't exceeded. When researching web developers to do our site, companies were either great at design and lacked in the back end development or vice versa.
Virtual Design Media excels at both - I would highly recommend to anyone."
- Pam Winder, Houston KidStuff
Client Testimonials
"When I started my company nearly six years ago, web design was overwhelming and out of my budget. Two years later I revisited the idea and happily found Virtual Design Media.
With his brilliance and helpful decision making,
Aaron created (and recreated 18 months later for a rebrand) a beautiful,
workable website that I could manage from my own computer. In a word: amazing!
I am so thankful to have VDM as a company I depend on.
Web design, hosting and customer service are superior! Thank you for all you do."
- Sari Motley, Sari Motley Cosmetics
Client Testimonials
"Great Stuff Aaron, Thanks!"
- Codrin Mitin, Able Group of Companies
Client Testimonials
"Wow! Nice production! Thanks for everything Aaron, awesome work.
Really pleased! Flash is a keeper! HTML is extremely impressive!
The general layout is clean and classy and like the script of Brant Pethick.com,
I find all very warm and welcoming."
- Brant Pethick, BrantPethick.com
Client Testimonials
"Very impressed with your service.
Thank you so much! Will definitely use you again!"
- Keelan Leyser, Keelan & Charlotee Marie
Client Testimonials
" Aaron, is quite the confident programmer, and with good reason.
He is very thorough, professional and reliable. I will definitely be using him again.
Have already added his contact info to my blackberry!"
- Rodney, eCaribbeanltd.com
Client Testimonials
"Absolutely Great! It all turned out so AMAZING!
Thank you for the opportunity that you have presented me!"
- Dustin Springer, Rough House Music
Client Testimonials
"Aaron, I'm blown away by your GREATNESS!!!! The site looks AWESOME!
- Beau Rials, Beau Rials Direct, Inc.
Client Testimonials
"Very professional, efficient and has strong communication skills.
Pleasure to work with."
- Andrew Ghezzi, Powerline Sports LLC
Client Testimonials
"Aaron did an amazing job for a great price! This company is 100% one of the best.
He built a complex CMS system on my server, and even walked me through it on the phone.
I would've had to pay a lot more if someone else did it for me, and he did a great job.
Site looks great, super nice guy, all around I'm very pleased.
Give this guy your business and you won't be let down. A+++++"
- Clark Convington, Netganda
Client Testimonials
"Fast and efficient provider. Glad to have chosen this provider to do our project. Will use again."
- Shen, h1Studio, Singapore
Client Testimonials
"Wow, this guy is GREAT! Excellent job! Our project was completed quickier that expected.
vdezine is highly recommended A+. Thanks."
- Debbie, Elegance By Designs
Client Testimonials
"Great work. This was something that we needed accomplished in a very short timeframe.
The results were very impressive and we are 100% satisfied with the work."
- JM
Client Testimonials
"Aaron delivered within 24 hours and the work exactly what we wanted.
Aaron also made some clever suggestions as to improvements.
Very professional 'thinking' work, good price and fast service. 100% rating."
- Robert Truman, The OzType Team
Client Testimonials
"I absolutely love it!! Its more then what I was expecting it to be,
Thank you so much! I cant wait for everyone else to see it,
you did an absolutely AMAZING job. =)
Exceeded my expectations by far! Great company to work with,
will definately do more work with them in the future."
- Ben Surman, Majestic Vehicle Brokerage
Client Testimonials
"Looks awesome man! Thanks a million!"
- Dan R., SpiderbiteRadio
Client Testimonials
" In 2007, we were building our greeting cards site, Afrikard.com and needed a shopping cart for the site. But we had a problem. Our business model /the logic of the site made it impossible for us to use the regular shopping carts, especially OSCommerce, which was the shopping cart we had decided we wanted to use for the site.
That was where Virtual Design media came in. They are OSCommerce experts and they built a customized version for us that served our needs.
Since we also needed to be able to accept credit card and PayPal payments on the site, they (Virtual Design Media) also helped us navigate the electronic payment landscape, being first timers. Over the years, they have been new legislations and standards (as regards accepting payments on websites) and Aaron and his team have helped us understand these and how it applies to us and how we can become compliant.
Our experience with Virtual Design Media has been very satisfactory and we have no complains at all."
- Femi Alla, Entertainment Planet / Afrikard.com
Client Testimonials
"Thank you for everything you are awesome!
P.S. I am very glad to make this payment to you, which is odd
to be happy about making a payment but to know it is to an honest business
after what I have been through I am actualy relieved to pay for your companys services.
- Samuel Allen, Parents Assistance Center
Client Testimonials
"It looks beautiful and I am very happy for the improvements.
It is a relief to see the site looking alright after much headache.
Aaron has been great to work with. He combines good design skills with deep technical knowledge and a creative mindset, is service oriented with good communication and works quickly.
If I ran a computer firm, I would try to convince him to work with me."
- Johan Soderstrom , Mettas
Client Testimonials
"This was an entirely new experience for us, outsourcing to such a great extent.
However, "vdezine" was our knight in shining armour!
What a super job...there has to be a greater number than 10!!!!
Clear communication, patient, understanding and more than willing
to give helpful advice, without charging extra! Gotta love that!!!"
- Pansy V, Online Room Design
Client Testimonials
"Aaron was great to work with-accomodated all requests and worked around all the problems I created. Good advice and explanations too.
Provided everything I needed in one place from hosting through to development and support."
- Jan Van Ryswyck, PureSwazi
Client Testimonials
"I appreciate all the great work you've done to help.
Great working with you. Thanks again!"
- Scott Gash, TechStuff Trading
Client Testimonials
"Da*n You're GOOD!
Thanks A Ton!"
- Jake Vick, Rallytime Sports
Client Testimonials
"Fast and reliable. Look foward to working with you again in the near future."
- Rosetta Mitchell, Hides & Co.
Client Testimonials
"Terrific response and knowledge. Your work is much appreciated.
I hope our paths cross again. Thanks."
- Greg Newell, WSI Net Returns
Client Testimonials
"This guy is unbelievable! You will know when you use him!
100% satisfied!! A+++ quality!!"
- Kenneth Huang, JUN Technology
Client Testimonials
"When I was first started looking for a Web Site Developer, I easily went thru at least 3 companies that claimed that they offered the same Services as Virtual Design Media. However, now that I have found the real deal in not only your Professionalism and Expertise, I know just like all of your Clients know, that no other company can be considered your competition.
Virtual Design Media is truly in a Class by itself.
- Joel Finkel, FeelFreeStore
Client Testimonials
"Excellent vendor.
No Lies. No games. Awesome!"
- Minteractive, EWAstyle
Client Testimonials
"Very Professional, Pleasure to deal with,
Intuitive, Analytical and Always Punctual! :)"
- Jayesh, Shanti Web Solution
Client Testimonials
"Very knoweldgable Programmer.
He did an excellent job, was swift, efficient and thorough. Highly recommended provider.
Thanks vdezine!"
- TM
Client Testimonials
"I really wish there was a higher rating system here,
since there is not one, I can only give him a 10+++++++++.
Aaron raises the bar to a higher level, I look forward to working with him on future projects.
If you are looking for an EXCELLENT webdesigner who is HONEST (keyword here) then look no further. He turned my used and sabotaged website into a professional looking website that also functions.INCREDIBLE!
Aaron, thanks also for all the extra things you implemented to improve the function of my site and the extra work fixing my flash (at no extra cost) so that it looks more professional, and I can now load my pictures independently."
- Donna Belisle-Strecker, StyleGlam
Client Testimonials
"Everything went great with this project,
I hope we will do more business in the future :)"
- QW
Client Testimonials
"Another great experience with VDM,
Professional in all respects. Also, quick and cooperative person."
- Umar O.



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