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Secure PCI Compliant HostingIf you are accepting credit card payments from your online web site,
PCI DSS compliancy applies to you.

A common myth is that if you are using 3rd party processors
such as PayPal or,PCI DSS compliancy does not apply to you.
This is NOT TRUE!

If your customers enter their credit card information on YOUR site,

PCI DSS compliancy isn't an option and non-compliance can result in serious penalties and consequences.
We can help you achieve PCI DSS compliance painlessly by offering a complete and affordable solution.

What makes our process unique is that fact that we do all of the work for you.
We don't hand you a stack of forms and send you on your way!

We are the only phone call needed to be on your way to full PCI DSS compliance.
We will handle everything and provide details to ensure the process is as easy as possible.
In many cases, we can have your site PCI DSS compliant in less than 24 hours!

Read more and get the facts at our PCI Compliant website:


  • What can happen if you or your organization fails to implement or adhere to, the Payment Card Industry Data Security (PCI DSS) compliance rules?
  • Failure to comply with PCI DSS rules
    could subject you and/or your organization to:

    · Lawsuits

    · Insurance Claims

    · Loss Of Merchant Account

    · Increased Merchant Account Fees

    · Card Provider Fines ($50k - $500k)

    · Government Fines ($5M - $20M)

  • Isn't PCI DSS Compliance Expensive?
  • Fact of the matter:

    Non-compliance can be very expensive, if not catastrophic!

    If the fines and lawsuits aren't enough to put a company out of business, the bad press surely could be!

    Achieving PCI DSS compliance can be very affordable.

    Let us show you how today.

  • Who needs to be in accordance with PCI DSS requirements?
  • Who must be PCI DSS Compliant?

    ANY merchant or service provider who accepts credit/payment cards bearing the logos of any of the five members of PCI SSC
    (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard or Visa) as payment for goods and/or services.

    Network Security Scans are required of ALL merchants and service providers with external-facing IP addresses that: COLLECT, PROCESS or TRANSMIT payment account information.

    This means that EVERYONE accepting credit card payments online MUST be PCI DSS compliant AND virtually ALL of the websites accepting credit card payments online must pass Network Security Scans every quarter.

  • How long do I have before I must be PCI DSS compliant?
  • Times Up!

    Dates for merchants to be in compliance are long gone.

    PCI DSS compliance is required immediately.

    Waiting or putting off compliancy could easily become quite costly!

    We can help you achieve PCI DSS compliance in as little as 24 hours!

  • Why choose Virtual Design Media for assistance with your PCI DSS compliance strategy?
  • We've been there!

    It wasn't that long ago that we received the letter from our processing company letting us know that we were going to be charged an additional $19.95/month and that we could face expensive fines if we were not PCI DSS compliant.

    The good news was that we already were in compliance and all we had to do is supply them with the proof!

    Typically, you would be required to find a company to handle your hosting, another to configure security protocols, another to test and certify, etc.

    By choosing Virtual Design Media to assist with your PCI DSS compliance needs, you are able to dramatically simplify the process, as we are able to offer everything that you need, under one roof!

  • How can Virtual Design Media help with you with PCI DSS compliance
    requirements, implementation and planning?
  • We have to be PCI DSS compliant just like everyone else and we are.

    We know what is envolved, the requirements and the steps to take.

    We will help you by offering the following:

    Assessment and Definintion or your current position
    Consulting and Guidance to achieving PCI DSS compliance
    PCI DSS compliant Hosting Solutions
    PCI DSS compliant Dedicated Servers
    Dedicated IP Addresses
    Secure Socket Layer Certificates (SSL)
    Complete PCI DSS Achievement Packages*

    * Network scans, forms and proof of compliance certificate included with complete packages!

  • Does Virtual Design Media guarantee PCI DSS compliancy when using their services?
  • YES!

    We never charge for services that we can't offer.

    We guarantee to help you achieve PCI DSS compliance.

    If, for some reason...
    We can not help you achieve compliance, You are not charged a cent!



Server Image

PCI DSS Suite Package
Consulting/Planning *
Quarterly Network Scans*
1st year only $189.99 with service
PCI DSS Compliant
- SSL Certificate
- Dedicated IP Address
- Network Security Scans
PCI DSS Site Seal
$189.99/year (Save 20% With Hosting)
Fully Managed
Dedicated Servers:
From $369.99/month
*Note: Certain individual services, consulting and network scans included with PCI DSS hosting accounts and PCI DSS Suite.

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