Server ImageVirtual Design Media is pleased to announce the release of our
vcCommerce Site Seal program!

vcCommerce users may now benefit and increase exposure by utilizing our new Site Seal program.

Gain customer confidence, increase sales/conversions and improve your sites search engine standings!

Customer lack of confidence, security issues, trust issues and identity issues can all be huge barriers when attempting to operate a successful ecommerce store online.

We realize these issues and want to do everything that we can to help you succeed.
By helping you succeed, we also help the consumer by providing that "peace-of-mind" that they are seeking.

Site Seal Examples may be seen on our demo site:

Premium PCI Compliant Corner Trust Seal: Corner Seal
PCI Compliant Standard Site Seal: Lower Center Seal (green)
PCI Compliant Validating Site Seal: Lower Center Seal (blue)
Standard vcCommerce Site Seal: Lower Center Seal (aqua)


Server ImageSite Seal Program Key Benefits:

- Trusted 3rd party site identity validation
- Immediate customer verification
- Unlimited site verifications
- Increased site exposure
- Gain customer trust and confidence
- Higher sales and conversions
- Increased site link popularity
- Increased site page rank


Server Image1. Valid vcCommerce license and installation (PCI seal excluded)
2. Valid SSL certificate for licensed domain
3. Secure directory structure
4. All customer account pages over ssl
5. All login pages over ssl
6. All checkout process over ssl
7. No insecure or illegal credit card storage methods being used or in place.
8. No insecure payment modules installed/in use.
9. Site must be PCI DSS compliant (PCI and Enhanced seals).
10. All Site Seal link codes must remain in original form and may not be altered in any way.
11. Merchant agrees to clearly post refund/return policy and to work with Virtual Design Media in any event of claim filed.


Server Image Standard Site Seal:
- Must meet above criteria
- Sites reviewed for accuracy, security and legitamacy annually
- Cost: *$99.99/yr.

PCI Compliant Seal:
- Must meet above criteria
- Must be PCI DSS compliant
- Sites scanned/reviewed for quarterly
- Cost: *$99.99/yr. (standard seal - no validation)
* $129.99/yr. (full validation - click to verify)

Enhanced Site Corner Trust Seal:
- Must meet above criteria
- Must be PCI DSS compliant
- Sites scanned/reviewed for quarterly
- Cost: * $199.99/yr.

Private Label Seals:
- Option available to 'Unlimited' License holders
- Your business name on the site seal
- Cost: $49.99 (one-time setup charge)

Quantity Reseller Discounts (Unlimited License Holders)
- Applies to quantity purchases of 3 or more (Standard or Enhanced)
- Purchase at discounted rate of 20%
- Credit system allows you to purchase and use when needed.
- Activation takes place when you need it so time is never lost.

*Discounts Available:
Save 20% with installation of vcCommerce
or with any PCI DSS compliant hosting package.

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Gain Customer Confidence
And Increase Sales!

Site seals demonstrate your commitment to security!
Studies prove that customers feel safer and are more willing to purchase from a site that displays legitimate trust seals!

PCI Compliant Site Seals